Mammograms Now at the Oakland MRI Center

As of February 1, 2012, all mammograms need to be scheduled at the Oakland MRI Center. Garrett County Memorial Hospital will no longer be offering this exam. We would like to welcome patients needing mammograms to experience our state of the art Digital Mammography system while in a comfortable and quiet outpatient setting. Our mammo technologist is ARRT Board Certified in Radiology and Mammography and has 22yrs experience with Digital Mammography. And our professional staff offers the utmost care. To schedule your mammogram with us, please call 301-533-4674.

Our Mammography unit has now a (3D) capability. This helps the Radiologist identify breast issues sooner. We can see the pages in between the front and back of the book. There are less call backs and additional views necessary.


At this time, we have not identified what insurances pay at this time. We do not for certain that Medicare does pay and Maryland Physicians Care with authorization will pay. Most Medicaid products do not pay at this time.

Get Your Study on CD

CD's  of patients' services done at Oakland MRI & Diagnostics Center are available upon request. The CD is made in office once the patient comes to pick it up, this process only takes 10-15 minutes.  There is no fee for this service. 

CD's containing just your images are available immediately following your exam. Patients wanting a CD containing their MRI images and a radiologist's report need to return at least 2 days after their scan was completed to receive the complete record.

Red Flag Rules

Effective July 1st, 2009, all physicians' offices must now confirm a patient's demographic information and verify a patient's identity at each visit under the Federal Government's Identity Theft Red Flag Rules.

A copy of your photo identification will be made and filed in your medical record. That photo identification will be used at all future visits to confirm your identity and to identify potential Red Flags for both financial and medical identity theft.

The Oakland MRI Center is committed to protecting our patients' information, and prohibiting illegal misrepresentation.